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I've recently introduced Collagen powder to my diet and prior to that I seldom took supplements, I felt I get a fair amount of vitamins from the food I eat (I generally have a healthy diet). While the food we eat contains vitamins and nutrients we need, we don't always consume nutrients in sufficient quantities. So what is Collagen powder and how does it work? Collagen powder is a form of supplement. Our bodies produce Collagen and it is referred to  as "the glue in the human body"  it keeps things together as it provides strength, structure, lining and cushioning for our bodies, however as we get older our bodies produce less and lower quality Collagen and that's when we need Collagen powder!  (but the sooner you start taking it, the better and it is also never too late to start). I've been using hydrolysed Collagen powder from "Be Bright" for over a month now and I'm seeing results, my skin is clearer it is bright and youthful. I'

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