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Cape Town has so much to offer and there's always a different restaurant or wine farm to explore! I was introduced to Overture Restaurant when I attended a wine and food paring evening on the 3rd of September this year. My husband and I enjoyed the food and wine so we were eager to go back as soon as possible. I was also keen on a day visit as the venue has amazing views.

My family and I were hosted by the restaurant and we had a lovely Sunday lunch this past weekend, it was nice to be back so soon after the event. The staff are super friendly and they sure love what they do. We even had the opportunity to meet the restaurant owner (Bertus Basson)  Bertus is a South African chef, businessman and TV personality, he came to introduce himself to us, what an honour! it's seldom that you meet and have a little chat with the owner, so this was super special.

Overture is a family-friendly fine dining experience, it is housed by Hidden Valley Wines near Stellenbosch , this wine farm wil…

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