Would you be able to define your style instantly if you were randomly asked to do so?
Some people  wouldn't be able to express their style in words unless of course they would have given it some thought beforehand.  Others just wear clothes for the sake of covering up, they don't really give it any thought (well so it seems).
You can visualise your personal style however, if you were to summarise it how would you describe it, what is your signature look?
Having being a fashionista for decades (self proclaimed) my style has  evolved and varies depending on what's trending, I tend to follow most trends easily. I must admit I don't quite like this about myself, I'm aiming on minimising trendy clothes and instead invest in classic pieces. I want most of my clothes  and accessories to have longevity. I've noticed how I buy fashion fads and once the hype is over, I'm through with the item and I end up giving a lot away, this is also how one ends up with a full wardrobe but have nothing to wear, does this sound familiar?

Don't get me wrong, trends are fun to follow but you should  make sure you're not spending a lot on them.

 My plan is to spend on one item that is a little pricey instead of buying a lot of less costly items . I tend to buy a lot of less costly items just so there's more in the shopping bag, I do this a lot when travelling and shopping abroad, I want to bring back as many items as possible but it wouldn't be a bad idea to rather buy one or  two pieces e.g. a designer bag, belt or shoes ( a solid item) that you can bring home and it'll complement your wardrobe.

 Wardrobe essentials help define your style!

In order to define your style, you must have and be able to identify your key items, here are mine;

  • A good pair of jeans, jeans that make you feel great
  • A white shirt or blouse
  • A structured blazer
  • A suit (if affordable, tailor made)
  • Pencil skirt
  • Black or red high heels 
  • Cigarette pants (as seen in this blog post)
(the list is actually longer but I'm sure you get the point) 

A style quiz will help define your style!

I came across one of these on the internet (  I was keen to find out if it would be accurate, and it was quite close.
The questions range from who your celebrity style icon is to your ideal date night outfit.
Try it out it's fun and will give you an indication of what really works for you.

Find what suits you most and wear it often!

Whether it's the pair of jeans that make your butt look great, or the dress that shows off your lovely legs, your best item should be used often and you should get it in various styles and colours. Don't hesitate to have a predictable look if you feel good in it.  The late former South African president Nelson Mandela ,one of the greatest humans to walk this earth had a predictable look which I'm pretty sure you've visualised already, yes I'm talking about "The Madiba shirt"  usually a bold, colourful shirt with interesting prints. He obviously loved this look and must have felt great in it.



Pants____________________________ Topshop

Heels____________________________ THEFIX

Bag______________________________ Colette by Colette Hayman

Photography_______________________ Roelse events

Stylist_____________________________ Patricia Dolz (myself)

Till next time xoxo
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