Being a mother has to be the greatest joy I've ever experienced. I'm forever greatful for this gift and I express my gratitude daily even if it's subconsciously. The journey is wonderful though it is very demanding, it is a job where you don't take a day off. My role as a mother started in 2009 when I had my first child at the age of 25. I was more than ready to become a mother, I had been ready since age 22, perhaps it's because my mother had me when she was 22 :-)

Being  a first time mother came with a lot of emotions, some I couldn't explain. The entire process was amazing, I suspected I was pregnant even before a pregnancy test confirmed it. I felt my body go through some changes. I was fortunate to have an easy pregnancy but like any mother to be, I did worry about the possibility of something going wrong but prayer kept me going.

In November 2009 I had my first baby boy via a C-Section (my doctor and I had decided on this)
my husband, who was my boyfriend at the time was very helpful and made my healing process a lot easier. when our baby was born  we were overwhelmed with happiness (we were both first time parents)

I throughly enjoyed nursing my baby and seeing him develop rapidly. When he was born I felt like I was born again, it felt like a new me. Suddenly life had so much meaning.

In September 2011 I had my second baby boy (again via a C-section) it was also not a challenging pregnancy though it wasn't as easy as the first one. My children are 22 months apart so there was a time when we had "two babies", both were in nappies. Being a mom of two busy boys isn't an easy task but it is definitely fulfilling, I watch them grow up with pride. They are funny and bring me so much happiness.

How I keep my children busy

  • My children are a lot like my husband and I, they enjoy socialising. They are the happiest when  at a kiddies' party or just a play date
  • They  love LEGO but I suck at building it so I usually don't help them build  however I play along when instructed to, my little one always insists 
  • The boys love to draw and because I suck at drawing too, I help them colour in
  • My little boy loves to sing and dance so we spend our time together dancing  and making up random songs, he reminds me so much of my childhood 
  • I find myself watching a lot of children's films as I watch with the kids, they love it when we watch together
  • When I go to gym, my children usually come with and stay in the kiddies' section which they really enjoy as they mingle with other kids

(these are just a few things we do together, there are a lot more activities)

What does motherhood mean to me and what have I learnt?

  • To me being a mother means assuming several roles e.g. teacher, friend and role model
  • Motherhood is a miracle and a gift from God, I believe children are sent from heaven to teach us a thing or two  about unconditional love

In conclusion I would like to wish all fellow moms a wonderful day, I hope your families spoil you .

till next time XOXO


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