Hello darlings it has been a while since my last blog post, I trust you're in good health.

I find myself very occupied with a few projects and trying to reach some  of my goals before this year is over. I know it’s only April but there’s so much to try and squeeze in.

It’s that time of the year where the weather tricks us a few times a day, if you’re living in Cape Town  or have visited,  you’ll know that  fluctuating weather is the norm here though.

As we know autum is the season that prepares us for winter so it’s slightly cold.
It’s the period where you have to cover up a little but can’t wear too many clothes.

So how do we dress for this “complicated” season?
I love throwing on a blazer, thin jacket or coat. Thin knit wear is also great for this season.
The blazer I'm wearing here is from Topshop South Africa, it has a skirt. Next time I'll show you that look so be on the look out for "Autumn Part 2"

 If you’ve been following me on social media you will have noticed that I don't put on much fabric in summer, it's mainly because I love summer pieces and find them flattering to my figure so having to wear a lot more clothes can be daunting to me but I'm actually looking forward to this winter for some reason  and currently enjoying autumn.

More often than not, you'll find me in jeans particularly skinny high waist Jeans. My favourite (A pair made in heaven! ) are Topshop Jeans. The pair I'm wearing here is called "JONI" they are the perfect high waist jeans and very stretchy which helps shape the body. My waist size in these is 24 sometimes 25, the length is 32 inch (Just to give you an idea of their sizes)

I normally wear my Jeans with  killer heels and I'm currently loving this silver pair from Steve Madden. I also have another pair of silver heels (Matt finish) but these have stolen my heart.

An accessory I've recently expirienmented with is "the backpack" I had not used this as an adult, I always thought they look better when worn with sporty clothes but I've realised that's not the case, you can look ladylike and wear a backpack.
This elegant backpack is from Colette By Colette Hayman. What I love about it is that it's plain black which means I can wear it with any thing. I also think the matt finish compliments its design.

This outfit is effortless , stunning and keeps me warm. I'm wearing my blazer with jeans and a slogan T-shirt, it is a chic way to rock the blazer. My Slogan T-shirt is from The Closet SA @theclosetsa on instagram, check them out for bargains on the latest trends, the Beret I'm wearing below is also from them.

Beret_______________@theclosetsa on instagram
Blazer_______________ Topshop South Africa
Jeans________________Topshop South Africa
Back Pack bag________ Colette By Colette Hayman
Earrings_____________ Lovisa
Heels_______________ Steve Madden
Photographer ________ Lazola Gum @laz_photography_cpt
Stylist______________ Patricia Dolz @divadolz (Me)


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