The Sun Met- Style ahead of the Field

On 27 January 2018  fashionistas and racing enthusiates gathered at Kenilworth Racecourse in the mother city (Cape Town) for the 134th edition of the Sun Met.

This annual event is a day filled with loads of fashion,  horse betting , music and an overall awesome experience.  This year was my second time attending the event, the first time was on 31 January 2009,  just a day after my birthday and I was gifted tickets to attend this fun event.

This year's theme for Africa's  Richest Race Day was "Style ahead of the field" attendees were  encouraged to come dressed in colours and prints inspired by Africa (Afro Chic).
I certainly did not miss the memo (chuckles) I totally loved my "last minute" outfit made by "Marguerite Designs" this designer is located at "The Water Shed" an arts and crafts market at the V & A Water front.

As seen above I wore a bold and vibrant African print attire, this was an off the shelf outfit however I gave her a day to make a few alterations, one of them being a front slit which brings sexiness to a skirt that is conservative.

My accessories (Handbag and earrings)  which I kept minimal were sponsored by Colette By Colette Hayman @colettebycolettehayman on instagram.

It was an honour to be given the role "online Journalist" for the day.  My duty started just after 11:00 as the aim was to leave at 16:00 for an appoitment I couldn't miss. leaving early meant that I missed out on a lot of fun, most people were arriving when I left, I didn't get a chance to network with a lot of local celebrities but I made the most of my time there and I enjoyed myself.  There were lots of familiar faces , it was nice catching up with people and meeting some for the first time in person after following them for a while on instagram.

I spoke to a few attendees whose outfits were eye catching. They were kind enough to answer a few questions I had about their outfits and were more than happy for me to take pictures of them and with them :-)

Crystal Van Niekerk looked like the modern Cindarella in her lovely gown, she was dressed by Stephen Van Eeden (@Stephen_van_eeden) on instagram.

To catch up with the lovely Crystal follow her on instagram @crystalccvn

Below is a local vocalist "lady X" who looked absolutely amazing in her own Design . She will be launching her designs soon so to keep up with the talented Lady X follow her on instagram @ladyxonvocals

There were couples who were beautifully dressed and insync with each other.
Below is Kim Nokwaza with her husband Irvin Nokwaza. Kim is a working mother and blogger, they both looked stunning, she is wearing a dress by "Blake" from YDE (Young Designers Emporium)
To see what Kim gets up to follow her on instagram @Kimmynokz

Below is another couple, Zikhona Jack and her partner who were twinning and looked stunning in their Garments by a local designer.  Catch up with Zikhona on instagram @zeejack
Next is fashion designer Genine, her style is vibrant and eye catching. she is wearing her own creation. check out this fabulous lady on instagram @thrillingsensation
Abongwe looked flawless in her dress by W35T @w35t_ on instagram, she accessorised her garment with a black veil from Crystal Birch.  Catch Abongwe on instagram @iamabongwe .

Lee Fraser and his partner Jody Alexander were twining and looked absolutely stunning in their designs by Mzukisi Mbane @mzukisimbane on instagram.  You can also follow Lee Fraser on instagram and check out his fabulous lifestyle @mr_lee_fraser .
And what's a gathering without champagne darling (In Queen B's voice)
G.H. Mumm made sure we stayed hydrated so champers was flowing.
The Sun Met 2018 was an awesome expirence and I'm looking forward to The Sun Met 2019, I hope I won't wait a whole 9 years before attending again lol.

It's an awesome place to network, make new friends and enjoy yourself.
You get to meet your favourite TV personalities, bloggers and digital influencers.

Photography was done by myself and Fayros Jaffer, find him on instagram @fayros

Thanks for taking the time to read this blog post, till next time XOXO


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