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I recently had an opportunity to share my  style with a wider audience thanks to Glamour Magazine, this was done via their online platform ( it is where inspirational women give Glamour magazine readers a look into their wardrobe over a period of 10 days. It was a wonderful opportunity and came at the right time as I recently started blogging and working on growing my audience. I feel honoured that I'm recognised for the passion I have for fashion and pretty things in general.

My name is Patricia Dolz a Glamour Style diarist from 11 December to 22 December 2017 (weekends excluded), let me take you through the journey!

It was months of preparation for my big shoot, there were lots of e-mails back and forth, meetings and planning. I'm lucky to be working with photographers that believe in my vision and passion, the photographers are a fantastic team (father and daughter) meetings were held at my place of residence and hotels. We had tasked each other to lookout for great venues in Cape Town, beautiful buildings and land marks as the instruction was that the shoot must be street style. Eight of my looks were street style, we decided to glam things up a little by using two hotels for the other two looks.

 Cloud 9 Hotel and spa
Radisson Red Hotel

The shoot was done over two days (Saturday & Sunday)  this was an exciting and I  must admit also quite a stressful time being the perfectionist that I am. I wanted to make sure I get it right, this was a once off opportunity and wanted to give it my best , I mean it's Glamour Magazine! 
the  Magazine I  read as a young adult and has contributed towards my fashion sense and knowledge.

 I spent months putting my looks together and collecting from sponsors for some items. We also did a rehearsal photo shoot as I had not worked with the photographers before so we wanted to  see how we work together. 
I did my photoshoot a month prior to going live and submitted the images to Glamour Magazine and then waited with excitement and the big day came (day 1 of 10)  I loved the introduction they did for me. 

Everyone was so excited for me especially the people that have been there from the begining, people who know how passionate I am about the art of dressing and people who admire my work.  There were lots of images per look as we wanted to give Glamour mag a variety to choose from, there were a few images that weren't posted on their online platform and I'll be sharing some of those with you.

Day 1: 
Dress From Topshop South Africa | Heels from AB by Aretha Bauwens | Earrings from The Closet SA | Hand Bag from Colette by Colette Hayman


Day 2:
Jumpsuit  & heels from The Closet SA | Earrings & hand bag from @zulululu_lookbook | 


Day 3:
Blouse from  @Nia_masi | Jeans & bag from Topshop South Africa | Heels From Public Desire 


Day 4:
Vinyle pants & T-shirt from The Fix |  bag from Topshop South Africa | Heels from Steve Madden 


Day 5:
Dress from @luxuriaboutique_cape | earrings @alookintomycloset | Heels from Steve Madden

Day 6:
Jumpsuit from Topshop South Africa | earrings @alookintomycloset | bag @zulululu_lookbook | heels from Steve Madden


Day 7:
Tailored two-piece from AB by Aretha Bauwens | earrings @alookintomycloset | heels from Steve Madden |


Day 8:
Top from Zara-Germany | Jeans from Topshop South Africa | Sun Glasses from Third Eye wear | Bag from Aldo | Heels & earrings from The Closet SA

Day 9:
Top & jeans from The Fix | Heels from Steve Madden | bag From Topshop South Africa | earrings @alookintomycloset |

Day 10:
Top from The Closet SA | earrings @alookintomycloset | tights  & bag from Topshop South Africa | Heels from Steve Madden

  • Hair & Make-up done by Aretha Bauwens Hair Studio
  • Photography done by Roelse Events 
  • Venue 1 Cloud 9 Hotel & spa
  • Venue 2 Radisson Red Hotel
I'd like to thank all the people that helped with my style diary, this was a big project for me (fashion wise).
thanks to  Zama Nkompela and Michaela Amos for assisting for the two days
and thanks to Owen Bell the photographer's assistant,You guys are awesome.
Thanks to Aretha Bauwens for doing my hair and make-up.

I would also like to thank Kayleigh Chan (@alookintomycloset) for sponsoring three pairs of earrings which she made herself.

Last but definitely not least, thanks to the people who followed my style diary. Your love and support is highly appreciated.

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Thank you for taking the time to read this article. 



  1. Stunning darling!!

    You have ALWAYS been about style - so happy to see you fully embracing and sharing with others what you have always loved!
    As an audience I can only but appreciate!!

    Bongi Tito - Ntezo

    1. Thank you very much Bongi, highly appreciated XOXO


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