It's been a while since my last blog post considering I had promised to do a follow up article on Faux Leather.  I've been pretty occupied in the last few weeks and can't wait for the festive season to begin (it is such an exciting time of the year).

As you can see in the picture above I'm still loving my faux leather garments, this time I'm wearing "pleather on pleather" I love this look, it's effortless chic and you can never go wrong with the classic pencil skirt and this faux leather skirt is absolutely stunning. If, like me, you pay close attention to detail when it comes to clothing then you will have noticed that this outfit isn't a set.

The skirt is from River Island, a British High-Street fashion brand. I bought it from one of their stores here in South Africa a while back (as far as I know, these stores are no longer available in SA) but thank God for online shopping and travelling.  I bought the top in July this year while abroad. I first noticed the top at the Zara store in Germany, I did not buy it even though it was on sale and quite a bargain (it was R109) but I wasn't sure if I wanted a crop top that skimpy. 

 I visited The United Kingdom a week later and ended up at the Zara store in Oxford and guess what? 
 I saw this top again and this time it was R169 (the Rand is very weak against the British Pound) seeing the top again made me reconsider and I tried it on and found that it doesn't look bad so I had to get it.  A  local celebrity wore the same top on one of her instagram posts and I absolutely loved how she styled it and that made me 100% sure that I made the right decision.

It is currently summer in South Africa and one may wonder if this fabric is comfortable when temperature rises.
It depends on the length of the outfit, my look is clealry not for winter (unless you layer it, a topic for another day) leather or pleather is totally doable in summer.  If you doubt this then maybe you can wear this fabric in the evening when temperature drops, it is a great evening look as well.

How to style a leather or faux leather skirt

  • pair your skirt with a top that is the same fabric as seen above 
  • a leather/faux leather skirt is stunning when worn with a slogan t-shirt and heels (sneakers or pumps if you want a more casual look) 
  • a blouse tones down the look and adds sophitication, this is a great office look and can easily work if you're going out for cocktails or dinner after work
  • I've also tried this look with a denim shirt, it looks great (add a pop of colour such as red, orange or pink lipstick)

Taking care of your faux leather Garments, washing instructions

  • like with all items of clothing, you have to check washing instructions to avoid causing damage to your garment 
  • I think it's pretty obvious that you should avoid heat so this means no ironing however if your item ends up really creased you can lay your faux leather on an ironing board, use a towel to cover it and then iron the towel (Still pay attention to the temperature)
  • depending on how close the item is to your skin when you wear it, you don't always have to wash it. You can simply use a damp cloth to clean it 
  • you can use Delicate spray to freshen the item, the spray helps to remove odor and adds a scent 

Outfit Details

1. Faux leather crop top with a drawstring ________________ Zara
2. Faux Leather pencil skirt with a front slit ___________________ River Island
3. Patent Heels _____________________________________ AB by Aretha Bauwens
4. Transparent plastic sun glaases ______________________ YDE (Young Designers Emporium)

Photography done by Roelse events @roelse_events on instagram 

Thanks for reading this blog post 



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