Faux Leather - part 1

Items made out of leather are classic, often last long and can be passed down from one generation to another. This is a great textile from mother nature, however not everyone is fond of leather for various reasons.  Some  people are against the idea of wearing animal skin such as vegans (to mention one of the reasons) 
I've got my feet on both grounds really, I'm not opposed to wearing leather but I fully understand why others would rather not. Thank God there are alternatives.

In the picture above I'm wearing faux leather pants, some would refer to this as leatherette, pleather, PU Leather and some even call it vegan leather.
I bought this pair in December 2014 while visiting Germany. I paid about R150 I remember this cleary because I was impressed to pay that little for a decent pair of pants, I must mention that this was an end of season sale and the shopping monster spoke to me "If you don't buy it I will" a little voice I use to have a good excuse to spend even when I shouldn't LOL.

Three years later these pants are still on-trend. I paired my faux leather pants with this gathered lace T-shirt in light blue. I accessorised this look with black patent heels, a quilted Pu leather bag, transparent plastic sunnies and a rose gold watch which is a hand -me -down from my Mother-in-law. 

Pros of faux leather

  • faux leather is cheaper than real leather
  • it is animal friendly because it is man made material 
  • it requires little maintenance 
  • it doesn't have that genuine leather smell which some people can't stand

Cons of faux leather 

  • faux leather is usually not breathable 
  • it may look cheap if you don't choose wisely 
  • it is not environmentally friendly to manufacture
  • it does not last as Long as leather would
Outfit details

  1. Transparent plastic sunglasses ______YDE (Young Designers Emporium )
  2. Gathered Lace T-shirt _____________ Topshop South Africa/ Topshop
  3. Faux leather pants ________________ Vero Moda (shop not available in South Africa)
  4. Quilted PU leather bag ____________  Zara (I bought it a while ago)
  5. Patent heels _____________________  AB by Aretha Bauwens 
Shout out to my Photographers Roelse Events.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and thanks for taking the time to read this. Look out for Faux Leather Part 2 very soon. XoXo


  1. You make everything look good babe, you're body goals for sure! xx


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