Modern Mompreneur Event

I recently attended a style, hair & Make-up Master class event hosted by Modern Mompreneur.
The event was held on the 23rd September 2017 at Vineyard Hotel, a lovely venue situated in Claremont (Cape Town)
This was actually my second time attending Morden Mompreneur events.

So who is Modern Mompreneur?

They are a company that creates a platform for women all ages and diverse cultures to gather and support each other.  Mompreneur strives to inspire,acknowledge success, share experiences and network whilst having fun and looking fabulous. This usually takes place at planned events and guests purchase tickets. 

Their Motto is Connect, Inspire ,Celebrate

Their values;

  • Passion- they are passionate about women empowerment and to end girl hate
  • Excellence- their aim is to provide excellent and quality services at reasonable rates
  • Motivation- they celebrate success,recognize and reward excellence 
  • Empowerment-they empower their staff to take initiative and encourage them to do what is right
  • Innovation- to be innovative and creative in the way they work
The ladies behind Modern Momprenuer are Mrs Loveline Abinokhauno and Mrs Pinkie Kholong.
I've dealt with these ladies a few times and they truly live by their values. 
Loveline (left) Pinky (right)

About the Event:
Approximately 50 ladies arrived dressed in their best outfits. We listened to motivational speakers, learnt a few  make-up tricks and rules while enjoying a three course meal. Champagne was served for people like me who enjoy a glass or two. There were stands where you could buy make-up, hair extensions or wigs and beautiful garments were on display.  Below are a few pictures and description to give you an idea of how the event was.


In the picture below I'm with two lovely ladies, one is a very good friend of mine and the other I recently met and getting to know her.  I was dressed by "Ish with Love" boutique.
My hair and make-up was done by AB Hair Studios @Brazil_hair on instagram.

I enjoyed modelling "Ish with Love" outfits, below are  a few more pictures.

"Ish With Love" Garments

In the picture above I'm with Ish she's the owner of "Ish With Love" Boutique. 
The outfit I'm wearing above is also from her collection. 
My shoes are from AB by Aretha Bauwens, her collection is also available at "Ish with love" boutique.
You can follow Ish on instagram @ishwithlove and Aretha Bauwens @ab_by_arethabauwens
below is an embellished dress by Ish with love, it's absolutely elegant.

NIA MASI clothing brand were also present. In the picture below the ladies are wearing dresses from their collection.
You can follow them on instagram for their unique fashion (@nia_masi ) below is a picture of the stylish ladies.


Stunning lipstick is by BNE Cosmetics @bnecosmetics on instagram
The hotel served us a three course meal as mentioned earlier on. 

Above is a starter:

Above is the main course meal:

Above is dessert:

Above , Turkish delight:

I approached Cocoa Republic and proposed that they sponsor their new product "Amaze Balls"  for the goodie bags and without hesitation they were happy  to assist. Amaze Balls is currently available at CNA stores and will be available at other stores too in the near future. Below are a few pictures and description  of the product. You can also follow them on instagram (new page) @cocoarep

Above we are each holding a box of Amaze Balls , I absolutely love the name of this product it describes how delicious it is.

In conclusion I would like to Thank Modern Mompreneur for another successful event following the first one I attended earlier this year, great work ladies.
I would like to thank Aretha Bauwens owner of AB Hair Studio for doing my make-up and hair, she made sure I look fabulous for the event.
Thanks to their photographer for the lovely pictures (Fayros Jaffer) @fayros on instagram.
last but not least, thank you for taking the time to read this blog post, I appreciate it.

catch up with me on instagram @divadolz


  1. You looked absolutely beautiful! The venue is stunning too, the food looks amazing.
    Modern MomPreneur sounds like a great platform to network and interact with fellow queens.

    1. Yes indeed 😃👍🏾 . Thanks babe 😘😘


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