Double Trouble

Would you wear the same outfit as your friend, sibling or even daughter? 
The moment Aretha and I realized we have the same items we decided to wear them simultaneously. While this may be absurd to most people, there are some that find this completely acceptable, Aretha and I aren't necessarily the latter this was merely a fun exercise but I'm not opposed to the idea either, in fact I've been dressing my sons ages 6 & almost 8 alike. It was just easy to shop for them that way but that is slowly changing as they now have individual styles.

By now you have obviously figured out that I'm talking about "Twinning" this isn't a new trend and many have written articles on this and it seems it was very popular in 2016 but it's still happening so that's why I thought I should also share my thoughts on this.
If you're active on social media especially Instagram, you might have come accross  #twinningtuesday accompanied by a picture of people dressed alike or similarly this is usually posted on a Tuesday.

Some people find themselves "twinning" with someone unwillingly. This normally happens at events, yes I'm talking about that awkward moment at a wedding, staff party, graduation ceremony etc.  Most girls/ladies are furious when this happens but the truth is if you're shopping at ordinary stores you must be prepared to "twin" and if you're someone that hates dressing like the next person then tailor made clothing is an option for you.

My take on this and suggestions:

If you and your "bestie" are okay with looking alike  it's completely fine and it doesn't matter how old you are, who made these rules anyway? 😄

If you think it's ridiculous to twin from head to toe but like the idea of matching items with your buddy there are a couple of options 
1) wear at least one item that you both like 
2) wear the same dress in different colors with different accessories 

So what if you don't like the idea of dressing identical to your friend but end up buying the same stuff as theirs or you find yourself unwillingly twinning with a stranger, or even an enemy at a do?

•You can discuss what you'll be wearing if you and your friend are attending the same event , be sure to do so well in advance as some people plan their outfits days, weeks or even months before the function 

•if you find yourself in a situation where you're wearing the same outfit as someone or in rare cases more than two people are dressed alike, the best thing to do is remain calm and collected, rather let confidence be the accessory to that outfit. I personally don't really mind in fact it's happened to me at a staff function in 2012. It was a beach themed staff party and I wore the same crochet bikini cover up as another girl, we both laughed about it and even took pictures together. I believe no two people will wear an outfit the same way as we carry ourselves differently

In conclusion wear what makes you happy and thanks for taking the time to read this article:

Outfit details:
1)Velvet crop tops: Topshopsouthafrica 
2) my jeans are also from Topshopsouthafrica 
3) our shoes are A B by Aretha Bauwens (her own design and brand)
4) earrings are from Women street

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