New beginnings

First and foremost I would like to welcome you to my blog. My posts will not be regular considering that I'm a working mother of two little boys and a wife but I promise my blog will be worth your while (chuckles) so then why the blog in the first place you may ask. Well my passion for pretty things and a good life are the main reasons and I would like to share this with those that are inspired and appreciate my content.

Let's get to the point of my first blog shall we?
I recently collaborated with a beauty salon 💇🏾 called  AB Hair Studio  you can check them out as Brazil_hair on Instagram. The salon is owned by a lovely young lady (Aretha Bauwens) an absolute lady and reminds me so much of myself we have a lot in common and trust that we'll work well together.

About the collaboration:

AB Hair Studio (brazil_hair) have offered to turn my weaves into wigs and treat them for me every two weeks. To be honest I've been hesitant to go the wig route as I thought it's complicated but thanks to Brazil Hair Studio I've come to learn that wigs are very convenient,versatile and most importantly allow your natural hair to breath and you're  able to nourish your own hair. What I also really like is that I don't have to wear it while exercising. I simply remove my wig and show off my pretty cornrows 😃🙌🏾.

I highly recommend Brazil_hair Studio as they do an awesome job at tailor made Wigs and more. Below are pictures of the first wig and styling they did for me.
You can contact them via the following platforms
On Instagram @brazil_hair
Physical address:
The Square
50 Buitenkant Street
in Cape Town City Bowl
E-mail :
ab@arethabauwens. com 
Contact numbers:
+ 27 (0) 21 832 0954 + 27 (0) 76 098 4493

Custom made bob wig


  1. Super proud of this extraordinary fabulous Mother of two,wishing u tons of success on your blogging journey,lots of love 😘😍

  2. That's amazing Patricia,go get 'em girl. Absolutely loving the looks featured,keep them coming.


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